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We are a leading Football Academy based in Madrid

Established in 2023, Madrid City Football Academy is a professional football academy that attracts youth players worldwide and allows them to train and compete at the highest level in Spain.

Our core objective is to support and guide every player to achieve their goals.


Madrid Capital of Football


UEFA Pro Coaches


Top Class Facilities


Games Against Pro Clubs


Competing weekly in a Semi-Pro League


Training 8 times per week




Level one Football Coaching


Training & Study Programs

All players will be able to experience both football training and study. Good education is crucial for our players and we will be constantly looking for the opportunities that suit them best.



In Madrid City Football Academy we rely only on TOP quality facilities, football fields, pools, gym, and many other. Click to see detailed information about all the facilities available for our players.


Madrid Life & Culture

The Madrid City Football Academy is located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, that attracts youth players from around the world and gives them the opportunity to train and compete at the Spanish highest level.


Players Opportunities

Our players will have the opportunity to play against TOP professional clubs. Madrid City Football Academy plays regularly friendly games against Pro clubs like Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla...

8 Training sessions per week

Maximise the progression and evolution of the player

Top Class Facilities

Professional training enviroment

Football and Study

Combined program of soccer and education

Opportunities of playing against pro clubs

Be represented by a top football management agency

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Bringing New Opportunities to Football players since 2015

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madrid city academy programs

The key aspects of our football programs are:


Training takes place every morning from Monday to Friday, focusing obsessively on technical fundamentals. We strongly believe in developing and reinforcing daily the basic skills of the game.

Most of all, we concentrate on touch and control, accuracy of passing, shooting and finishing techniques. We also assess the level of players overall technical ability and we will prioritise the areas that need to improve.


Many players get released by their clubs and don’t fulfil their objectives because they don’t have a good understanding of the game, decision making and/or tactical awareness.

Our belief is that to become a professional footballer, players must study football and fully understand what is required to succeed. We teach our players to apply the tactics of the game through individual sessions.


For us this is the most important area. We have designed a Method that will focus on Player’s Personal Development, both as a player and as a person. We will transmit the passion, enthusiasm and perseverance to our players.

The Method includes a daily routine where the players can work on their:

Mentality, concentration, motivation and attitude.


By training 8 times per week, naturally the fitness level of the players will improve.

Our Coaches individually follow and create programs for each player so they can train specifically on their most important areas.

We also undertake fitness tests regularly, assessing the players level and therefore being able to see their improvement objectively.

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