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We have partnered with Coerver Coaching

We are delighted to announce the official collaboration between MV8 Madrid Football Academy and Coerver Coaching España. Both companies believe in the importance of developing technical players and we are confident that our players will benefit greatly from this partnership.

MV8 Madrid Football Academy has now officially partnered with Coerver Coaching Spain. We are delighted to be working alongside such a strong football organisation and are confident that everyone involved will greatly benefit from this partnership.

Our core objective is to support and guide every player to achieve their goals. The way to make those dreams real is through Coerver Coaching.

Coerver Coaching is the leading brand name in independent football education globally, delivering skill based football coaching in 47 countries across the globe.

Our Objectives

At MV8 Madrid Football Academy, our main objective is to create and improve the technical, physical and psycho-social characteristics of young players to make them attractive to the world of professional football.

The MV8 Madrid Football Academy strongly believes not just in the technical development of the player, but in the psychological development as well. Our method will focus on the internal and external attributes of the player, aiming to transmit the passion, enthusiasm and perseverance required in professional football.

We have created a competitive environment where we will be guiding,supporting and pushing the players to get to their next level, through a detailed and effective program.

“Coerver Coaching Spain and MV8 Madrid Academy share the same goal, which is developing excellent technical players. I am confident that this partnership will benefit every Academy player”


CEO Coerver Coaching Spain

History and background of Coerver Coaching

Coerver Coaching was founded in 1984 and is the number one skills soccer coaching method in the world today, with over one million players and coach participants spread across 50 countries in the last 40 years.

Coerver is a comprehensive coaching program for young players teaching both individual skills and team play to both boys and girls with programs for players of all ages and abilities.

What does this collaboration consist of?

We have many things in common as football entities, but above all, we strongly believe in the personal development of the technical abilities of every single player.

Our aim is to provide young players around the world the opportunity to develop and to achieve their goals of becoming the best football version of themselves.

Mastering the ball is at the core of the Coerver methodology and is also what we believe strongly about here at MV8 Madrid. Being able to manipulate the ball is a fundamental component of the game and is what makes it so beautiful and creative.

MV8 Madrid Football Academy and Coerver Coaching Spain will guarantee a professional environment for any players around the world to achieve their Goals.

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